Charming Skin-A Complete Know How of Varicose Veins

Although very common in the contemporary times, varicose veins or simply varices are exceedingly painful conditions along with being absolutely unsightly and despicable. These generally occur when the veins just below the skin of your legs and feet dilate and enlarge due to the clotting of blood.

Yes; identifying varicose veins is no rocket science! But what are the symptoms that lead to this serious and pathetic condition which, in spite of not being life-threatening simply makes us lose our confidence? Here’s a complete list of the causes of varicose veins for you:

  1. Chronic heart diseases which are generally congenital.
  2. Menopause
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Engaged in a job that demands to be on toes for most of the time
  5. Heightened pressure on the midsection or abdominal portion of the body
  6. Obesity that makes people put more pressure on the abdominal portion of the body and the legs.


Now, the question is, is there a cure at all for varices? Well yes; thanks to modern technological methods, varices or varicose veins are completely curable. Furthermore, consisting mostly of laser treatments, treating varices have become absolutely painless measures with most of them being done in day care itself. Have a look at few of the varicose veins therapy in Chicago right here:

  1. Laser removal of spider veins: In this method of treatment, laser beams are focussed on the spider veins (minute forms of varices) to eliminate all the evidences of dilated veins.
  1. Sclerotherapy: A more modern and minimally invasive technique to cure varicose. If you are located in Orland Park, Oak Brook or Chicago area, contact Charming Skin and Vein Clinics today to get the best sclerotherapy treatment in the US.

  1. Focus Guided Imaging Technique: A minimally invasive alternative to surgery, FGI uses a concoction of laser and chemicals to treat varices completely.

So, tolerate your varices no more and contact Charming Skin and Vein Clinics for the perfect varicose veins therapy in Chicago.


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