How Can Pregnancy Affect My Leg Veins?


Pregnancy! Such a heavy word it seems: on one hand, you are celebrating and eagerly awaiting the arrival of your baby with so much anticipation and warmth, while on the other hand, you can’t really ignore the obnoxious rate at which your body gets affected in more than one ways.

No; it is not your tummy getting bigger but about so many other issues—tumultuous BP, the pregnancy nausea, the skin disorders, and most importantly the tendency of getting affected by varicose veins or spider skin is always there. Thankfully, with the prevalence of some amazing and highly effective laser treatment for varicose veins in Orland Park, disappearance of the same doesn’t take much time.

Wandering about how pregnancy affects the veins of my legs? Have a read:

  1. Too much pressure on the pelvic region:

Due to the baby growing inside your uterus, great pressure is afflicted towards the lower region of the body forcing the veins of your pelvic region, including the inferior vena cava, tends to bulge out. However, if you are located in Chicago and have varicose veins, you can bid goodbye to them permanently by undergoing laser therapy only at Charming Skin.

  1. Pregnancy Hormones relax your blood vessels:

The pregnancy hormone progesterone has the tendency of relaxing the walls of your blood vessels while, on the other hand, more blood tend to circulate around your body at this particular time. As a result of these two extremities, clotting of blood in the lower portion of your body becomes common, causing both spider skin and varicose veins. However, worry not if you are suffering from the same since Charming Skin’s special minimally invasive laser treatment is here to relieve you from the issue of varicose veins Orland Park. So, wait no more and see a laser specialist in Oak Brook and Chicago today!


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