What is sclerotherapy of veins?

Are you suffering from varicose veins and find it extremely humiliating to wear your favourite little black dress to parties and dates? Yes; varicose veins can be extremely unsightly and cause terrible pain but now, thanks to sclerotherapy for veins in Chicago, even extreme cases of varicose veins are absolutely curable. All you need to do for the same is visit Charming Skin and Vein Clinics in Chicago, Oak Brook or Orland Park today and see the difference!


1.Apart from sclerotherapy for veins in Chicago, there are two more laser treatments that help in reducing the traits of varicose veins and treating them greatly. But, according to the eminent dermatologists and varicose veins specialists, nothing can beat sclerotherapy in treating the same. Here is a brief knowhow of sclerotherapy.

2.Sclerotherapy works by injecting a special chemical called sclerosant into the affected veins to scar and damage them permanently. This damage causes the veins to close permanently. Since the injection can be quite painful, a minimally invasive type of sclerotherapy of veins in Chicago now uses a catheter to inject sclerosant into the veins through duplex ultrasound.

3.Sclerotherapy does not require any recovery period at all. All it takes is 5 to 30 minutes to complete depending on the intensity of varicose veins. Although sclerotherapy of veins in Chicago requires no bed rest, it is advised not to expose yourself to too much of sun for a couple of weeks.

4. Not only varicose veins, sclerotherapy of veins in Chicago is also done to cure spider skin and other smaller vein issues caused after vein-tripping surgeries.

5. Sclerotherapy of veins is also a budget alternative to surgeries. Besides, it is minimally invasive and requires no hospital stay. For anyone who is afraid to go under the knife, this is the best option.


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