Varicose Veins Can Occur in Any Part Of The Body

Varicose veins or varices are results of a condition called venous insufficiency. This abnormal circulatory disorder results from a decreased supply of blood from the veins of the legs to the heart. As a result of this, blood clogs into the veins of the legs making them swell into unsightly markings.

While varicose veins can occur in any part of the body, mostly the legs and feet are harmed by this condition most. The symptoms of the same includes cramping, burning and throbbing sensations, swelling, discoloration, itching at a particular place and enlarged veins seen through the skin of the leg.sclerotherapy-oak-brook

One of the mostly caused diseases in the US, varicose veins therapy is conducted fruitfully in Chicago by Charming Skin using laser spider vein removal, sclerotherapy, and Focus Guided Imaging Endolaser Vein Treatment (FGI-EVLT) And Focus Guided Imaging Thermal ChemicalOcclusion (FGI-TCO).


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