Three Types of Laser Treatments For Varicose Veins- Chicago, Orland Park

No one really adores varicose veins and spider veins on their legs. Yet, numerous people shy away from curing this condition for the fear of going under the needles and performing a surgery. If you, too, are suffering from varicose veins and treat-varicose-veinsare afraid of getting it treated for the fear of being operated upon, simply relax for modern and technologically superior laser treatments are right here to help you out of this mess.

There are numerous types of varicose veins laser treatment in Chicago, Orland Park and Oak Brook, including simple laser therapy, sclerotherapy and focus guided imaging techniques. Here’s a little knowhow of the varicose veins laser treatment in Chicago for every person to whom surgery is not an option.

1. Simple laser therapy: This is the simplest techniques and is applied to cure spider veins and simpler varicose veins. In this therapy, the laser beam is focussed on the affected vein to damage them, thereby urging them to close down. This is a minimally invasive technique and can be carried on in day care itself.

2. Sclerotherapy: This is by far the most famous type of varicose veins laser treatment in Chicago. In this measure, a chemical called sclerosant is injected in the veins in order to scar them and damage the veins permanently. This injection can be quite painful to some so a minimally invasive type of sclerotherapy now uses a catheter to inject the chemical through duplex ultrasound into the veins.

3. Focus Guided Imaging: This varicose veins laser treatment in Chicago causes much lesser side effects and trauma. In this therapy, a certain chemical is infused with laser beam to eliminate all the bulges and symptoms of varicose veins permanently from your skin. This is yet again a minimally invasive alternative to surgeries and requires a healing time of few hours only. And if you are into athletics, just few days of rest is enough to get going once again.



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