Four Dos and Don’ts About Botox Treatment in Chicago

Aging is inevitable but restoring the youthful radiance in our skin is very much possible. After all, who doesn’t wish to age gracefully like a diva? It is due to this reason that dermatologists and medical scientists all over the world have come out with various types of skin renewal systems, with botox being one of the primary therapies.


So, what is botox? Numerous people all over the world have raised their concerns over this procedure despite knowing that it is one of the most undertaken counter-wrinkle therapies in the world. In order to mitigate your concerns over Botox treatment in Chicago, here’s a set of dos and don’ts on the same:

1. Select the right doctor: When it comes to skin treatments like Botox, you must always select the right doctor. Search through the net, read up articles and consult several dermatologists before pinpointing on the one for the treatment. You can also consult Charming Skin & Vein Clinics for the best Botox in Oak Brook.

2. Make sure Botox is the perfect treatment for your skin: Don’t decide upon undergoing Botox all of a sudden. A good Botox therapist will know whether it is the right treatment for you or not. Furthermore, be sure of the areas you want to be treated and understand what is meant by a successful therapy from your doctor.

3. Stop taking medications that promote thinning of blood: Medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, exedrin and the likes must not be taken at least a week before undergoing the treatment. Such will minimize post-Botox bruising to a great extent. However, if you have to take medicine at all, consult your dermatologist beforehand regarding this.

4. Use an ice pack: You may freely use ice packs after Botox treatment to prevent the signs of bruising.


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